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    Tarot Self reading

    Tarot Self reading

    You may have probably heard of the Tarot and the Tarot cards, and you might have even gone to see a Tarot reader. But like many people, you may not fully know what Tarot card reading is.

    Tarot consists of a set of playing cards that are used by people with the psychic abilities to get a deeper understanding of the certain situation or to find answers to questions. Those who study the tarot psychically are able to find the insights into the past and the present as well as the future of the subject. How the readers manage to do that is a question that remains a mystery. But some psychics believe that tarot cards are guided by the forces of spirituality, whereas others believe that tarot cards enable their mind to access a higher plane of consciousness.

    Types of Tarot Readings:
    When it comes to tarot readings, there are two main types of tarot readings. And most of the use the later one among the types given below.

    You can do these readings by yourself as well if you have the knowledge about using the tarot cards. So the two different types of readings are:

    Question Reading: In this type of reading, you are asking a specific question that the tarot is not intended to answer in the specific yes or no format. You will have to only make a decision by yourself based on the answers you get from the tarot cards. Most of the readers discourage the use of this reading because tarot is more about guiding the subject to make a decision on his/her own and not use the tarot cards like a prediction teller.

    Open Reading: This is the type of tarot reading that is most encouraged by the tarot readers. This reading is intended to create a story for the subject based on different cards that are spread and then it is up to the subject to make decisions for the future. The benefit of tarot cards is that they give the idea to the subject about the future so he/she can make informed decisions.

    Different Tarot Spread:
    There are several types of spread in tarot. But the most classic among all is the eleven card layout called The Celtic Cross where 11 cards are used including the Significator. There are also other types like Tree of Life Spread, a Planetary spread, the Tetraktys spread, the Pentagram spread and many others. Some readers do simpler and smaller spreads that involve only three cards. And a three card spread can have many interpretations like Past-Present-Future, Situation-Action-Outcome or Mind-Body-Spirit. The variations in three card spreads are virtually endless.

    Final Words:
    This the basic overview of tarot card reading, its types and different spreads that are used. People can do the reading by themselves if they know how or they can go to the professional reader for better outcomes.


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